Listed below are some frequently asked questions and answers to give you as much information as possible before your meeting. 



What kit do I need to buy?

LBM Boxing can supply everything you need in our starter packs. For the fight night you will need to buy shorts and a groin guard. Just ask your promoter for details and/or visit our on line shop.

What will the event be like?

Have you ever felt like you're on top of the world? This event is going to make you feel like that, you will be a superstar on a glamorous event. The event will be well run and organised with medical provision in place.

What will the training be like?

Get ready for a fast paced eight week training course. It will be tough at times, but it will be massively rewarding and gives all competitors a real sense of achievement.

Can I get advice on extra training or nutrition?

Yes we will provide you with a starter pack which will have training and nutrition guidance in it for you this is free of charge.

Who will I be boxing against?

This is a charity fundraising event that is the culmination of eight weeks hard work. Often competitors friends and family are in the crowd supporting and our events are always well attended - so we take great care to ensure fair matches are made. Each bout is between individuals that have completed the eight week course and are a similar weight, ability and fitness level.

What is expected of me?

You will be committing to eight weeks training and we expect you to attend as many of the 16 sessions as possible. You will be required to:

Train as hard as you can

Listen to the trainer - they are there to help

Pledge to raise a minimum of £75 for LENNOX via your dedicated just giving page

Sell tickets to friends and family (standard or VIP or combination of both)

Enjoy yourself!

How do I set up just giving?

Fundraising for Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund with Just Giving Fundraising with Just Giving is really easy! Just set up and publicise your online page and your supporters can donate from their phones and computers wherever they are in the world. The money donated to your page will automatically be sent to Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund, so you don’t have to go around collecting cash and cheques. Simple!

Better still, if your sponsors agree to Gift Aid their donation, the tax man will give Lennox a further 25% on top, so for every £100 you raise we could receive £125, and this is all automatic too!!*

Here’s how…

• Go to www.justgiving.com/lennox

• Click on ‘Fundraise For Us’

• Set up your page with information about the LBM Boxing programme

• Add some information about Lennox and what we do – this helps your supporters to understand where their money is going and the good it will do. We find this can encourage greater donations

• Upload your photograph to complete your page

• Share your page address to as many friends, family and colleagues as you can by using social media, email, word of mouth - however you see fit!

• You can even set up a ‘text to donate’ code for your page. Just follow the instructions at justgiving.com and send your unique code to your supporters too.

• Keep sending out your page address and text code – don’t rely on everyone donating the first time!

Thank You and Good Luck!
* Please note Gift Aid cannot be claimed on donations from companies, it can only be added to donations from individuals.

How do I get tickets?

At your first meeting we will issue tickets and reserve tables for your own area. Your area co ordinator will give you more information at the meeting. Tickets can also be purchased via our ticketing partner Eventbrite.

What is the minimum age limit?

The minimum age limit to fight and attend events is 18

Can I be insured?

Yes - all our competitors are insured for the main event. Details can be be found via your trainer.

Can my company support me?

Yes they can! LBM Boxing events offer corporate sponsorship packages including VIP tables and various brand logo showcase opportunities.

Help raise money for Lennox Children's Cancer Fund whilst getting into shape!


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